Thursday, April 09, 2009

sketches overload

Bunch of sketches that I made during the past few months while I moved to TO!


Alina Chau said...

Nice drawings!

Linton Joseph said...

Looks great Anna

sarangsrode said...

very nice i love the style

bathmate said...

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leelee said...

I love to sketch also; I’m a chronic doodler. That’s why I found your sketches very amusing. Your style isn’t exactly realistic, but cartooning captures the essence of the character. I saw lots of creativity in your drawings. The faces tell a story and they are fun art . These people that you sketched are really characters like you’d see on old sitcoms like Andy of Mayberry, Dick Van Dyke or Hazel. They tell a story and it’s bound to be a winner because the characters are Damon Runyonesque. I scrolled down the site and saw your dogs. I think those cute canines are perfect. You captured the jowls, the eyes, faces and bodies perfectly. These are great pooch pics. Further down were yet more character studies of men and women. Great execution drawing faces, bodies and style. Each figure was blessed with some cartoonish element that kept it from looking totally realistic, but retained a slice of humanity..

aisha said...

I love your painting style for this entry! Hope to see more of these!
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maruthi said...

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